Support and assistance

The official course support channels are available through Discord and at Kumpula Campus.

Workshop timetable

The support channels are open until 15.12.2021
All times are local time in Helsinki, Finland, UTC+02:00

The workshop will be held on Tuesdays and on Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm in classroom BK107

You can visit the course workshop for a good environment to do programming exercises with other students as well as receive assistance regarding the course and its exercises! The workshop is located at the Exactum building on University of Helsinki's Kumpula campus. Everyone is welcome to the workshop!

Disclaimer: While course assistants speak finnish don't be afraid to ask in english if you don't know finnish!

The location of Exactum and directions to it can be found here.

The workshop is held in classroom BK107 right next to Exactum's UniCafe. You can consult the info screen at Exactum's lobby to view an exact location. You may also ask the building porter as well as campus staff and students.

Discord support timetable

A team of course instructors is available on multiple days every week to help you with your programming-related questions. Instructors will be on standby on the Discord channels at the times specified in the table below. They will also reply to queries sent via private messages at those times. Please be mindful of their time - do not send private messages outside the times listed below.

In the table below the symbol   means instructors are only available on the text-based channels ohjelmointi21_general and ohjelmointi21_english. The symbol   means instructors are available both on the text-based channels and on the voice channel ohjelmointi21_voice.
The support channels are open until 15.12.2021
All times are local time in Helsinki, Finland, UTC+02:00
Time / Day of the week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri


Discord is a communication platform which allows both text-based and voice/video chats. You can find out more about the platform on the Discord website.

The course channels are available through this link. See especially the ohjelmoinnin_mooc_english and the ohjelmoinnin_mooc_voice channels for support in English.